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Position Summary: This position is responsible for providing administrative support to ensure compliance with project assignment, invoicing, and change order management procedures in an efficient and professional manner consistent with Company Policies and Procedures.

Summary of Key Responsibilities
• Interact with Clients (verbal, written, in-person) to generate and communicate invoicing and change order priorities and status
• Process invoices and payables on a daily basis to ensure all bills are paid in a timely manner Develop a clear understanding of the invoicing process to ensure receivables are aligned with the company's attainment forecast and strategy
• Maintain strong working relationships with project team (Estimators, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Foremen, Clients, etc.) and others involved in the contract and project management process to ensure invoicing and change requests are communicated and handled appropriately

Summary of Experience and Education
• High School diploma or equivalent
• Experience working with Quickbooks
• Minimum 2 years' documented experience in construction accounts receivable, construction management, project management, or related fields
• Minimum 2 years' hands on experience in a business environment
• Two or Four year degree in Business, Construction or related field
• Knowledge Skills and Abilities
• Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel and Outlook)
• Proficiency with Quickbooks
• Proficiency in the conceptual understanding and utilization of relational databases (MS Access, etc.)

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Position Summary: This position will provide overall on-site management on construction project site.
• Supervise total construction effort to ensure project is constructed in accordance with design, budget and schedule.
• Ensure all personnel assigned to the job understand and comply with all company safety standards and practices.
• Oversee and coordinate activities of all job sites to which you are assigned responsibility.
• Work closely with Project Management team on scheduling of subcontractors and suppliers.
• Work closely with Project Management team on maximizing revenue and minimizing inefficiencies.
• Ensure all project personnel are producing quality work and product.
• Make necessary adjustments to ensure each project is safe and effective.
• Plan, coordinate and supervise on-site functions such as scheduling, engineering, material control in order to make sure company objectives are met.
• Supervise craft employees and other sub-contractors to ensure productivity, efficient use of materials & equipment, and contractual performance of the project are met.
• Assist project management in developing and implementing project procedures, working documents and standards to ensure project goals are achieved.
• Comply, understand, and support corporate safety initiatives to ensure a safe work environment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Thorough knowledge of all aspects of construction including technology, equipment methods, craft agreements, jurisdictions and negotiations.
• Working knowledge of contract requirements, plans, specifications and budget.
• Strong and Effective Communication skills both verbal and written.
• Comprehensive computer skills including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook) and experience with industry specific software for scheduling, etc.
• 6-8 years construction management and/or craft supervision experience in a similar field of construction.

• Degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Management or related field preferred but not required.

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Position Summary: The Electrician is responsible for installing the electrical portion of the PV system mainly on the AC side however at times services may be needed on the DC side. Electrician will also be required to install additional AC circuits and equipment related to the scope of work as outlined on plans and specs. Electrician may be required to troubleshoot electrical components and systems for warranty issues.
• Perform work as instructed by the Crew Lead/Commercial Foreman ensuring that it is of good workmanship and compliant with AHJ approved plans/specs & current NEC and local codes.
• Troubleshoot system problems and resolve electrical issues.
• Ensure all required parts to complete jobs are stocked and available on the truck/trailer.
• Able to work on live loads with appropriate safety equipment.
• Ensuring work site is cleaned daily, preventing any work hazards, secure job sites from loss of materials, tools & equipment.
• Maintain compliance to all PFP and safety regulations per CAL-OSHA and company standards.
• Perform other needed job tasks as requested by Crew Lead/Commercial Foreman.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Understanding of wire and conduit sizing as well as how to make adjustments for environmental factors.
• Ability to perform advanced electrical calculations and calculate mathematical data.
• Ability to bend conduit so finished product is level/plumb.
• Ability to read and interpret one-line drawings and electrical schematics.
• Knowledge of the current NEC in force as stated on plans/specs and the ability to navigate the guidelines.
• Ability to follow instructions and performance guidelines.
• Good communication, planning, and organizational skills.
• Takes responsibility and works under minimal supervision.
• Ability to lead others in a team environment when needed.
• Effective verbal, writing, and interpersonal skills.
• Employ critical-thinking and problem-solving skills as required.

Education and Experience
• High School Diploma or equivalent
• Valid California Driver’s License
• OSHA 10 Safety Training
• CPR and First Aid Training
• Forklift Certified
• 2 years Electrical and or Solar experience
• Experience with electrical installation, troubleshooting and repair
• ET Card

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Position Summary: We are seeking a Project Manager, who is looking for a career. The Project Manager will ensure that the project is on schedule and project budgets on track. Depending on the project location, travel might be required. At times the Project Manager may work out of a temporary office located at the jobsite.

Project Manager with qualified experience in any of the following market categories are preferred:
• Experience with commercial construction projects as a general contractor, public or private work.
• Experience managing renovation projects in residential apartment building.
• Experience managing renovation projects in health care facilities.

Position Responsibilities:
A. Planning
• Prepares a detailed plan keeping focus on project timeline and budget.
• Creates timeline reflecting each stage and the steps required for completion.
• Calculates the material and personnel costs.
• Project Manager will determine the permits necessary for the project, and will obtain necessary permits.
• Allocate funds necessary for materials, labor and any contingencies.
B. Negotiating
• Negotiating with vendors & suppliers to obtain best price and delivery schedule.
• Solicit bids from several suppliers before making a selection.
• Understands how to fit subs to the size/scope of project.
C. Negotiating
• Negotiating with vendors & suppliers to obtain best price and delivery schedule.
• Solicit bids from several suppliers before making a selection.
• Understands how to fit subs to the size/scope of project.
C. Hiring
• Depending on the scope of the project, the project manager might interview and select personnel working on site.
• Project Manager is responsible for explaining worksite policy, project goals and safety procedures to workers.
• Understands how to fit subs to the size/scope of project.
D. Revising
• In some situations it is necessary for the Project Manager to revise his/her schedule due to unforeseen circumstances or conditions.
• Project Manager is responsible for explaining worksite policy, project goals and safety procedures to workers.
• Review drawings with team and highlight areas of concerns.
• Review job cost with team and highlight any subs/material vendors that still need to be awarded.
• Review drawings with team and highlight areas of concerns.
E. Reporting
• Project Manager must prepare reports for clients and operations supervisor if needed.
• In a situation of an injury the Project Manager needs to prepare an injury report.
F. Project Turnover
• Properly turns finalized project to client with finalized cost.

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