Client Services

Personal and focused attention on your Human Capital Needs is our primary goal. Some of the strategic services we provide: 

Recruitment Services

Hiring the right people is crucial to the success of your business. We can help you identify the skill sets that you need, write the job description and find the right person that will bring Excellence to your organization.

Employee Handbooks and Policy Manuals

We can create, edit or help you to enhance your current handbooks to ensure that you have all the latest information as required by State and Federal Laws.

Contract Staffing

Increased workloads, need for specialized talent to complete a project or seeking to improve cost management? Contract Staffing is the answer. Through our partnership with Top Echelon Contracting, we can provide the right talent for your staffing needs.

Crisis Management Plans

Development of a plan in case of a crisis and providing training to your team on how to handle the business during a crisis situation up to and including Media Training.

Policy Review for Compliance and Effectiveness

Writing and implementing policies that make sense is what we do to help you in providing guidance and support to your employees.

Human Resource Management Outsourcing

If you feel you cannot justify having a person dedicated to managing HR full time, we can help provide the support you need.

Recordkeeping Audit

We provide expertise and training in this area to ensure that your recordkeeping guidelines are aligned with State and Federal regulations.

Employee Relations Guidance and Coaching

When employee relations issues arise, we are there to provide guidance and expertise to bring the issue at hand to resolution.